Gaga’s speech during Born This Way at the ARTPOP ball in Los Angeles. x

Stay With Me (Sam Smith Cover) - Ed Sheeran

Misha + talking about his childhood

Snowpiercer (2013)

Chris Colfer on The Talk 2014

misha collins + selfies

Get To Know Me | (3/5) Favourite Movies
→ Tarzan (1999)


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”You know, you can kiss me if you want to.”

Once upon a time, there was a little boy who always wanted to love another little boy. One day, he finally found that love, and it was wonderful. I’m supposed to use gloves, I’m supposed to do this, I’m supposed to do that, I’m supposed to not kiss him. I’m not supposed to be only 45 years old and taking care of a 35 year-old young man who’s a hundred years old and dying. Em calls it a see-saw - he’s fine, he gets sick, he gets better, he gets sicker. He’s afraid I’ll leave him. I told him I wouldn’t leave him. That I never, for one second, would think of leaving him. But he doesn’t believe me. It’s hard to believe in much these days. But we must never stop believing in each other. I’m a mess. It’s what I am. You cry and you cry until you think you can’t cry anymore. And then you cry some more. Not only for yourself and Felix, but for all the little boys who finally found other little boys they’ve wanted all their lives now that we’re men.

Who cares what happens when we get there, when the getting there has been so much fun?

Chris Argent in 04x04

"It's a dead pool. A hit-list of supernatural creatures."